About Our Company

We are not just a technology company, nor just a service provider.

Cedat 85 is an integrated award-winning technology company and service provider that stands today as the market leader in developing and implementing the world’s most powerful and innovative speech-to-text technology solutions for private and public sector clients.

Founded in Italy more than 3 decades ago, Cedat 85’s custom solutions combine automatic, real-time, voice-independent, and highly accurate transcription technologies with powerful, easy-to-use digital indexing and archiving of audiovisual content—last year alone processing nearly 2 million hours of events, meetings, speeches, broadcasts, and telephone conversations.

By developing proprietary technologies and creating custom solutions that integrate seamlessly into existing institutional systems and workflows, we serve as a single, reliable, competent reference point for our customers.


  • Analysis and design of tailored solutions for speech-to-text transcription;
  • Support and training for voice recognition system use;
  • Implementation of language systems for automatic voice recognition;
  • Construction of multimedia solutions for classroom and remote training;
  • Development of text analysis and reporting solutions;
  • Development of APP Mobile with voice interaction.
International European Union Partnership

Cedat 85 participates to several International European Union in research and innovation programs like LISTEN to design and implement a complete system in partnership with RWTH Aachen University, Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH)European Media Laboratory GmbH for a natural control (i.e., using their voice) of the smart-home.