Just some of our customers who have helped us grow

Allianz group
Popolare di Lodi bank
BCC – Banca di credito cooperativo bank
Chamber of Deputies
Chamber of Commerce of Switzerland
Chamber of Commerce of Perugia
Cassa Forense (National Social Security Pension Fund of lawyers)
Italian Pension Fund for Surveyors
Cattolica Assicurazioni insurance company
City of Crema
City of Enna
City of Finale Emilia
City of Gavardo
City of Genoa
City of Guidonia Montecelio
City of Lanciano
City of Lanusei
City of Massa
City of Padua
City of Parma
City of Piacenza
City of Pistoia
City of Porto Torres
City of Porto Viro
City of Rimini
City of San Giuliano Terme
City of Siracusa
City of Treviglio
City of Urbino
City of Vibo Valentia

Regional Council of Basilicata
Regional Council of Campania
Regional Council of Emilia-Romagna
Regional Council of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Regional Council of Lazio
Regional Council of Liguria
Regional Council of Lombardia
Regional Council of Puglia
Regional Council of Umbria
Regional Council of Valle d’Aosta
Regional Council of Veneto
Superior Council of Magistracy
Court of Auditors
Dexia Crediop
EGA Congress
ENS – Italian National Agency for the Deaf
Regional Park of Euganei Hills
Regional Park of the Po Delta
ESA Software
Ferrovie Nord railway line
Fiat Chrysler
FIAT Group
FIAT Industrial
Fiera di Milano trade fair organisation
Fiera di Verona trade fair organisation
CCRVE pension fund – Palermo
IREN Group
Il Sole 24 Ore news organisation
Ministry of Local Government and Regional Affairs
Ministry of Economy and Finances

Ministry of Interior
Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry
Monte dei Paschi di Siena bank
Newton Lab
Order of Architects Planners, Landscapers and Conservationists of the Province of Treviso
Association of Lawyers of Padua
Association of Lawyers of Vicenza
Association of Engineers of Treviso
Association of Journalists of Umbria
Presidency of the Council of Ministers
Province of Bologna
Province of Macerata
Province of Ragusa
Province of Rovigo
Province of Trapani
Autonomous Province of Trento and Bolzano
Province of Treviso
Province of Verbano Cusio Ossola
Province of Vicenza
RESI Group
Telecom Italia
UIC – Italian Union of the Blind and Partially Sighted ONLUS
“Cuore dello Stella” Union of Municipalities
Ca’ Foscari di Venezia University
Cattolica del “Sacro Cuore” University – Milan
Padova University
Palermo University
Roma La Sapienza University
Torino University
Veolia group Italia