Cedat 85 has revolutionized the transcription, archival, and indexing process of content from political meetings and events.

What is it?

DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY satisfies the ever-growing demand from citizens for political transparency, going far beyond simple streaming or recording of government meetings
and representing a leap forward in the transparency and accessibility capabilities of governments.
DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY is a highly powerful, advanced institutional communication solution developed by Cedat 85 Group that facilitates open government and real digital democracy through the automatic, real-time transcription and simultaneous archiving of government speeches and meetings, making them accessible via easily indexed and “searchable” digital content (accessible live as video is being recorded), and making it easier for citizens to take an active part in democratic life.

DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY reduces the amount of time needed for drafting minutes from public meetings by transcribing them in real time and synchronizing audio and text,
ensuring that all content is immediately catalogued so users can run instant, intuitive searches, just like online search engines, including directly on public administration websites.

DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY has been used by national and local governments across Italy—including the Italian Chamber of Deputies and more than 200 Italian cities– to improve their efficiency and transparency, as well as improving citizens trust in government.

Prior to DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY, transcription was a time-consuming and resource-heavy process: audio from parliamentary sessions would be recorded and dictated again
(in 5 minute clips to ensure transcription was as close to real time as possible) by a worker at a computer programmed to recognize just his or her voice (“voice dependent” technology).
The computer would then transcribe the text.

Cedat 85’s software solution avoids the need for repeat dictation, directly transcribing the voice of each member of parliament (“voice independent” technology)
and starting a new paragraph every time the speaker changes. This halved the time needed for transcription, and with 95% accuracy, meaning members of staff now only intervene
to correct potential transcription errors caused by noise interference or speech impediments.

Cedat 85’s technology also immediately indexes audio and video content, word by word, so that citizens can quickly find any clip in the archive by running a simple Google-like search.

How does it work?
Through the synchronization offered by DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY, citizens can easily and accurately search and find keywords in audio and video clips. The system automatically tags
any points where keywords or phrases are mentioned, and search results generated by DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY show the exact relevant points throughout the streaming (e.g., when “social interventions” or “public financing” are mentioned).
Users can easily move the cursor forward or backward from the reference tag to see and read the specific sections of the session they are most interested in, saving a considerable amount of time in their searches.

DIGITAL4DEMOCRACY automatically identifies trending and hot topics, giving citizens immediate access to crucial points of a public meeting. For example, when votes are being cast,
or legislation is being debated, users can see how one or more public officials voted, or the comments they made.
Thanks to the system’s alert feature that allows users to keep track of specific issues, citizens can stay up-to-date on the latest developments when topics of their interest being discussed in public meetings.