Immediate drafting of minutes:

Cedat 85 has patented a system of high-tech solutions that generates entirely digital reporting, even in real time,
(SIAE patent No 0201288).

This solution is based on the dematerialization of traditional work and on the computerization of the entire sector.
This system completely removes the need for any physical support, either analog
(audio cassettes) or digital (CD-ROMs, USB flash drives, etc), while also simultaneously archiving, indexing, and monitoring events being recorded.
It is a complex web platform designed to integrate, automate and standardize the various phases that make up the report drafting process:

  • recording;
  • work scheduling;
  • transcription;
  • potential revision, re-reading and final coordination of the text (where necessary);
  • publication of the final report;
  • creation of a centralized audio/text archive that can always be accessed.

The result is a faster, more efficient reporting process, whereby the actual reporting function is more focused on the content and defined by more ergonomic, fluid and user-friendly support services.
In this way, for instance, Cedat 85 can very swiftly compile a perfect government report, no matter where the session is taking place, without the need for the professionals involved to alter their behavior, while also being able to rely on the best professional skills, regardless of their geographical location compared to the event’s venue.