Magnetofono 2.0

Cedat 85’s Magnetofono™ 2.0 provides powerful, proprietary voice-independent speech-to-text solutions customizable for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Transcriptions of government meetings (e.g., Town Councils, Congressional Sessions, Public Administration Committee sessions);
  • Transcriptions using our automatic speech recognition system for easy indexing and searching within audio and video recordings live, in real-time during any assembly meeting;/li>
  • Live subtitling.

Magnetofono™ 2.0 is our hardware/software solution used to manage all phases of meeting transcriptions. Not only does it record audio in digital formats, but it also accurately transforms speech into real-time text.
Magnetofono™ 2.0 operates by automatically sending portions of audio, of a specific duration, simultaneously to a server during the recording process.
The server automatically produces the text, recognizes the voice of every speaker, adding the name to the transcript, and publishing it on a dedicated web page.