The newest and most powerful online tool for companies, marketing and communication departments, press offices, PR agencies, and statistical analysis and research firms to monitor, research, review, and edit audio/video/text content in real time from any radio, TV, or online broadcasting channel.

Mediamonitor is an innovative web-based real-time media monitoring service designed by CEDAT 85, that fully converts speech into text, and indexes full transcripts for search within videos. The system is based on CEDAT 85’s powerful automatic voice-independent speech recognition platform.

Mediamonitor lets you search any topic, compare results, compile statistics and create your own program schedules.
In addition to monitoring, Mediamonitor lets you analyze and develop your own program schedule using selected clippings from across your chosen content.

 MediaMonitor is updated in real time from all radio, TV and web channels, which can be monitored 24/7, or at set times of the day or for particular shows.