With Cedat 85’s Mediamonitor solution, public administrators have access to a new and powerful tool for real time monitoring of any national and regional radio and television channel.

Mediamonitor is an innovative web-based service, designed by CEDAT 85 to perform real-time monitoring and searching for keywords on radio and TV.
In addition, Mediamonitor also allows you to select and “clip” specific broadcast segments through easy-to-use Google-like keyword searching.

Mediamonitor can be customized to include specific media outlets needed by users, making it an indispensable tool for anyone relying on real-time radio
and TV monitoring for research.

Mediamonitor is the only solution today that allows you to instantly search and view in real-time the information you need from the vast world of radio and television content,
allowing you to maximize the effectiveness of your work at highly competitive and absolutely affordable costs.