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Dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, development and innovation since 1985 AGID-qualified SaaS provider, with ISO 9001 – 14001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certifications with extensions to 27017 and 27018

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Our Story

More than 35 years of innovation

With offices in San Vito dei Normanni (BR), Rome, Bologna, Padua, and Lecce in Italy and in London, UK with its wholly-owned subsidiary Speech-i Ltd., Cedat85 was one of the first companies in Europe to successfully use automatic voice recognition in a production context other than voice reporting in healthcare.

Founded in 1985 in San Vito dei Normanni, it began to develop a growth path in the field of professional speech recognition for public bodies and private companies.

In 1998 it presented at Forum PA the first evolved system for verbalisation based on IBM-VIaVoice technology.
The following year it began assisting the Italian Chamber of Deputies in the process of adopting digital voice recognition technologies to support the reporting activities carried out by internal staff in the Minutes Service office.

Over the years Cedat85 has implemented projects, developed applications, provided support, assistance and training to clients and partners in Italy and abroad.

 A unique heritage of experience and skills that is made available every day to companies, public authorities and anyone wishing to “take a step” and bring innovation, efficiency, and simplification to their organisation.

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People & Technology

People & Technology for the future

The path we have taken, the skills we have developed, and a strong team that consists of specialists in the humanities, computer science, linguistics, physics, mathematics, and engineering, have created the ideal conditions for us to be recognised as an Innovative SME.

The 24 March 2015, n.33 Law recognises “Innovative SMEs” as small and medium-sized enterprises that stand out as innovative in terms of internal skills, processes, and products.

Cedat85 fully meets all the requirements of an Innovative SME:

1. Over the last 3 years, the volume of expenditure on research, development and innovation by Cedat85 and its group companies has averaged 18% of the total value of production;

2. More than 1/3 of the partners and employees have a postgraduate degree;

3. Cedat85 is the owner and holder of registered patents (industrial property rights).

Cedat85’s financial statements are certified. Gartner also recognises the innovative nature of Cedat85, that it ranked our company among the world’s most important players in Speech-to-Text applications and among the top 5 in Europe.


Cedat85 Around the World

Beyond the borders with Speech-i

Speech-i Limited, founded in 2019 in London, is the cornerstone of Cedat85’s expansion beyond its national borders and the reference point for international clients and partners. Speech-i, in addition to providing sales and marketing support to its partners, directly distributes all Cedat85 solutions and has numerous international clients.
To date, Speech-i operates in Europe, North and South America, and will soon launch operations in Asia Pacific.