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Whistleblowing Protocol


CEDAT85 Srl, in order to foster an ethical culture and fight all forms of abuse and corruption, adopts tools aimed at preventing, discovering and reporting unlawful conduct in violation of mandatory and internal regulations, as well as of the promoted ethical principles, and encourages its employees, as well as persons who in any capacity perform or have performed services for the Company or hold administrative, management, control, supervision or representation positions, to report any conduct, act or omission relevant under this document and of which they are aware.

The purpose of the Protocol on Reporting Misconduct is to:

  • foster a healthy working environment characterised by a sense of belonging and legality, protecting the employee who reports unlawful conduct of which he has become aware by reason of the employment relationship;
  • to regulate also and not only pursuant to Article 6, paragraph 2 bis, of Legislative Decree 231/2001 (as amended by Article 24, paragraph 5, of Legislative Decree 24/2023, for which the management, organisation and control models “provide, pursuant to the legislative decree implementing Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019, the internal reporting channels, the prohibition of retaliation and the disciplinary system, adopted pursuant to paragraph 2, letter e)” the channels for reporting violations of offences or irregularities and remove the factors that may hinder or discourage reporting, as well as regulate the measures to protect the reporting persons and the disciplinary system.

Whistleblowing Protocol

Whistleblowing Reports