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Sustainability Report

Consolidated Statement of Non-Financial Character 2024 – Ref. 2023


To interested parties,

This year CEDAT85 will publish its first Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (DNF) with reference to the financial year 2023, the document that brings together and illustrates the Group’s achievements in the area of ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance. The commitment to ESG represents one of the pillars of the company’s strategic lines of development.

The current national and international economic scenario is heterogeneous. New balances arise due to the socio-political relations of the various countries, which cause economic and social variations in the market, finance, relations, social and environmental impact.

Each new configuration also brings with it opportunities. The innovation that CEDAT85 has always sought in its processes, services and products is well suited to the responses and needs of an increasingly demanding and constantly evolving system.

In spite of the complex scenario, CEDAT85 has set its growth to sustainable success, confirming its capital strength and ability to create long-term value.

At the end of 2023, CEDAT85 will present itself on the market as one of the best Italian private capital “companies” in its sector, relying on its financial solidity and correct human capital, which leads CEDAT85 to continue to grow.

This sustainability report (non-financial statement) contains information on the non-strictly economic aspects of the company’s business, in compliance with ESG issues.

CEDAT85 intends to continue to drive change towards sustainable development, both by carrying out its activities in a sustainable manner, with respect for future generations, and by bringing its customers solutions that minimise impact on the environment and promote inclusion. Protecting the environment and promoting human capital are objectives that go hand in hand with an efficient governance system. We believe that a ‘sustainable business’ model cannot do without an internal organisation that integrates sustainability values into the actions of the self-governing body.

In this context, we have achieved important environmental, social and governance objectives by obtaining international certifications that guarantee the provision of high quality IT services, a constant commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, protecting the health and safety of workers and preventing corruption. The certifications we have acquired are an incentive for us to cultivate what we have achieved and to improve our work aimed at building an inclusive and sustainable ecosystem.

We are always convinced that we can contribute, with our ideas and our many skills, to the growth of our people, our size as a company, and the value we create for our shareholders and Italy.


Gianfranco Mazzoccoli




Sustainability Report