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The Cedat85 Universe

We shape artificial intelligence to be useful for human intelligence

…in order to function, new technologies always need people who know not only how to use them, but also how to invent and manage them

Piero Angela


We support our customers with ideas, projects, and solutions to achieve effective ‘digital transformation’ processes.

In the past, the acquisition and processing of large amounts of data required a considerable amount of investment of time and resources with significant and often unsustainable management costs. Today, digital technologies turn every piece of data and every word into a resource capable of generating value.

Enter the Cedat universe and discover how.

The suite of services and solutions for integrating the most advanced speech recognition technologies into applications based on speech-to-text process control.

The intelligent speech recognition system that simplifies the process of transcription, translation, and recording of business meetings.

The solution that improves transparency with innovation and promotes civil participation in the democratic process.

The solution for organising meetings and assemblies in a hybrid mode that combines in-person and remote participants.

The service for real-time reporting and subtitling of meetings, assemblies, and conferences by specialised professionals

The new system for automatically recording minutes of board meetings which guarantees usability and confidentiality.

A monitoring service designed for contact centres, useful for analysing the quality of dialogue between the company and its customers.

Powerful web-based platform for real-time monitoring of content broadcast by radio, TV, and web channels (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.).

The automatic transcription portal dedicated to students with an agile and cost-effective solution.

The solution for professionals and anyone who needs to convert audio recordings into written text.

A service that promotes the digital transformation of public authorities and companies through a fully digital voting system, in open and also secret mode.

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People & Technology

People and technology for words that matter

More than 30 years of experience of a constantly growing team of people driven “simply” by the will to “do” and to “do it right”. We help companies, universities, and public administrations to transform words into a digital asset. Hundreds of clients around the world rely on our experience to help them along this path, as confirmed by Gartner and by the clients who reward us every day with testimonials of gratitude for our reliability, competence and professionalism.

What's new

Cedat85 at the European Parliament

The consortium led by Cedat85 won the first place in a tender for the automatic transcription and translation in the 24 languages in use of debates in the Euro-parliamentary chamber.

The winning solution is based on ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) technology, patented by Cedat85 in 2008 and 2010, which already enables ‘digital democracy’ in more than 200 Italian city councils, five regional councils, as well as the State-Regions Department of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Italian Chamber of Deputies. The system has a high level of accuracy of 97%, it is intelligent and self-learning thanks to user feedback. The aim of the project is to make on-screen debates accessible to all members of the European Parliament, including those with hearing impediments who previously had no direct access.

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