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The I-VOTING service allows public authorities, institutions, companies, associations, and foundations to organise elections and any type of voting sessions online and in a simple and secure manner. Cedat85’s I-VOTING solution is certified by AGID (Digital Italy Agency) Electoral organisation, delegated to the client, is greatly simplified. In just a few seconds, from the administrator’s panel, voting cards and the various lists are created directly within the service, either autonomously or with the support of Cedat85 operators.

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Why choose I-VOTING

The I-VOTING service provided by Cedat85 allows you to vote easily and securely, in full compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The vote is unchangeable and unique, and all communication over the public network is carried out with maximum security. The solution ensures greater participation in democratic life without compromising on security: access is via SPID or OTP credentials, and can be integrated with centralised authentication services such as ADFS, SSO or others.


Technical Information

Cedat85’s I-VOTING solution makes it possible to manage several types of voting:

  • Secret and secret in ballot box mode
    Management of secret ballots ensures that neither the client, nor the voters or the system is able to know the preferences expressed by the voters. In order to guarantee a democratic voting and to avoid any association between voter and candidate, the system only stores in its archives whether the voter has voted and assigns a +1 value to the candidate, just as it does in the polling station.
  • Open
    An open vote is a way of expressing a vote in which the voter declares his or her vote publicly. This method is used when the vote does not have to be secret and it is possible to associate the identity of the voter with their opinion. The declaration of a vote can be made in several ways (show of hands, nominal ballot paper). One of these involves the use of online voting. Online voting can be done either by remote voters or those physically present at the polling station with the help of electronic devices.

Available in over 20 languages.

Who chose us

“With Cedat85’s electronic voting solution, we have been able to organise and carry out all necessary steps for electing the representatives of educational bodies at all levels in complete security and in a very short time. All in full compliance with privacy protection regulations.”


Headmaster F.Lli Agosti Bagnoregio

Istituto Omnicomprensivo "F.lli Agosti" di Bagnoregio

Cedat85’s I-VOTING EDU solution has enabled the Istituto Omnicomprensivo “F.lli Agosti” in Bagnoregio to organise online elections in a simple and secure way.

“I had the opportunity to use the voting platform for an important installation with tens of thousands of users in different offices and voting sessions. The customisation of the sessions and voting options according to the current state was excellent. Professionalism and assistance are the basis of the product and are extremely appreciated. In my experience, there have never been any problems with reliability or vote management. Integration into the planned platform was quick and easy, and it was all thanks to the responsibility of Cedat85. A great discovery, to be recommended.”


CEO, Vidierre Srl

Vidierre Srl

Implementation of a secure on-line voting system to manage voting and the speeches in remote meetings environment and in the presence of an important association organisation.

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