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Angelo Macchitella: the importance of having a good mood in the office.

January 10, 2022

Angelo joined the company in 2000, at a time of strong expansion. We met him to get him to better tell us what it is like to work in Cedat85, where he deals with the reporting of parliamentary texts and more. “I have a job that I really like” says Angelo, “I have had the same job for twenty-one years but I haven’t been bored yet! I am a very curious person and I am not lacking in enthusiasm, I could not adapt to a boring job. In Cedat85, on the other hand, I can adapt my skills to different needs and situations from time to time and therefore always be stimulated. I always feel in motion”.

He tells of a close-knit team and a pleasant and informal environment: “My work group is made up of about seven people. We follow different projects together and we do it while maintaining a good balance between seriousness and lightness. We are always very focused but we manage to find moments to exchange a joke or chat for a few minutes. In a professional environment that also knows how to take into account a dimension of human exchange, you work much better”. For him it is important that machines and technology have an impact on people’s lives, especially those less fortunate: “I am happy to note that some technologies that we have developed in Cedat85 to improve productivity have had an indirect response in different contexts” says Angelo. “Knowing that subtitling a live session, for example, can allow hearing impaired people to follow is a source of pride for me.”

Angelo has two daughters and his free time is almost entirely dedicated to them, to whom he reads one book after another. He loves to play sports and in the early morning he is an avid runner. In the office he always brings his smile and enthusiasm because, as he teaches, ‘with a smile you produce better and more!’