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Angelo Roberto: scout leader with his heart, computer scientist with his brain.

January 18, 2022

Angelo is 100% Apulian DOC and a computer scientist.

The first thing he tells us when we meet him is: “I feel good here”. Laconic. He then explains: “In Cedat85 we are all professionals and communication between us is free and informal. There is no rigid hierarchy, relations are friendly. I have an excellent relationship with my colleagues and also with the “bosses”. We talk and confront each other in a very open way: we often find ourselves talking freely and trying to get ideas to flow. Sometimes even in a thing said with great lightness there can be a foundation of truth useful for making projects grow. I have a very frank and free dialogue with my colleagues and I find this to be a really positive note for the company ”.

He proudly tells of the company’s international growth: “I am proud of all the steps we have taken. The recent successes have been a great gratification, they have paid off our work, the work we have done and that we do every day. Successes don’t fall from the sky, you have to earn them by always going a little bit beyond what you think you can give. When you always give 110%, you get the results “.

On weekends Angelo puts his Scout Promise around his neck, wears shorts and boots and transforms himself into a skilled scout leader. His kind energy is a great resource for Cedat85 and for the Apulian cubs!