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Automatic subtitling arrives on the Web TV of the Chamber of Deputies.

January 19, 2022
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Parliamentarians’ interventions in Montecitorio are subtitled thanks to the innovative CABOLO® solution by Cedat85.

The Chamber of Deputies is even more accessible to citizens, and those with disabilities, thanks to the automatic and real-time subtitling of the speeches carried out by parliamentarians in the Chamber of Deputies. That’s possible thanks to CABOLO®, the innovative solution by Cedat85, a company that has been developing and producing speech-to-text voice recognition and transformation solutions for over 35 years. 

Through the Web TV and YouTube channel of the Chamber of Deputies, it is possible to follow sessions of the Assembly with the automatic transcription of the discursive parts (general discussions, explanations of vote, inspection, and steering union activities). Subtitling, launched on an experimental basis for six months, can be activated with a specific ‘button’ within the Web TV page.

Since 2015 Cedat85 has provided the Chamber of Deputies with the transcription service in real-time and contextual digital archiving of parliamentary sessions based on the automatic speech recognition.

CABOLO®, is the only device on the market, designed and patented by Cedat85, to produce timely and automated minutes of boards of directors, boards of statutory auditors and all the assemblies in real-time while maintaining maximum confidentiality and security, as it is an autonomous solution and it doesn’t require any internet connection. 

‘We are proud to contribute with our solutions – declares Gianfranco Mazzoccoli, founder of Cedat85 – to the development of digital democracy, further bringing all citizens closer to the institutions and to the political life of the country, according to principles of transparency and accessibility, especially by those who have disability’.

Last September Cedat85 was awarded the tender for the real-time transcription and translation services, based on artificial intelligence, of the plenary sessions of the European Parliament. The consortium led by the Italian company and other important global technology providers including RWS, specialised in languages ​​and artificial intelligence, was chosen as the definitive assignee of the experimental project after a test phase that had seen the consortium in first position within the short list of the three finalist business groups (the Italian company Translated and the multinational Microsoft).