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CABOLO at ComoLake2023 – Artificial Intelligence Applied in Translation

October 6, 2023

A podium that transcribes at the same time choosing from 60 languages

Artificial intelligence is applied to simultaneous translation, with CABOLO Podium, the new product presented at Como Lake 2023, which applies the new technology to the transcription and translation of international meetings or conferences.

An interactive podium with an integrated system that translates over 60 different languages simultaneously thanks to artificial intelligence during international events, and makes the transcription available in real-time on the screen facing the audience.

Cedat85 has miniaturised the technology in a device measuring only 10 cm on each side, which has already been adopted by more than 300 councils and 5 local governments, the Italian Chamber of Deputies and the European Parliament for transcribing assemblies and plenary meetings. The system has also been adopted by multinational banks and private enterprises for their board meetings. “Accuracy, confidentiality, efficiency, cost and time savings” are the added value, a note underlines.

Another application is CABOLO Interview Kit, which keeps track of all those conversations that require the utmost accuracy, confidentiality and data security: meetings, interviews, but above all hearings, interrogations, and court proceedings. It produces a ready-to-use record that uniquely identifies the speakers and accurately reports their statements, synchronised word for word with the audio and video recording.