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CEDAT85 Group joins the ROME EXPO 2030 Foundation

July 25, 2023


Cedat85 officially joins the Fondazione Roma Expo 2030 as a Partner.

Founded by Unindustria, CNA Roma, Coldiretti Roma, Confcommercio Roma, Federlazio, Ance Roma-ACER and Confesercenti, the Fondazione Roma Expo 2030 is making a concrete contribution to the challenge of Rome’s candidacy by demonstrating a keen interest in and full support for a major project by the City’s entire entrepreneurial system.

As the Committee’s ‘Official Candidacy Partner’, the Foundation will work alongside the Institutional Promoting Committee. Supporting Rome’s candidacy to host the Universal Exhibition in 2030, promoting the value of Expo also independently to the social and productive forces of the regional and national territory, helping to broaden the consensus of the candidacy to the entire civil society.

Established on 18 July 2022, the Fondazione Roma Expo 2030 is open to all companies and already counts among its Partners several companies that have chosen to help realise the dream of bringing the Universal Exhibition to Rome.

“The level of excellence of the companies that have chosen to become Partners of the Fondazione Roma Expo 2030, together with the important development factor that the event represents for the Capital and for Italy, have stimulated with full confidence the choice that we, as the Cedat85 Group, have made,” says Managing Director Enrico Giannotti. “We are confident in the success of Rome’s candidacy, which undeniably represents unique, inimitable and eternal cultural values with its history spanning thousands of years.

‘People and Territories: Regeneration, Inclusion and Innovation’: this is the theme that accompanies Rome’s candidacy for the 2030 Expo with the aim of bringing people and their habitat back to the centre of attention, creating inclusive, open, sustainable, and innovative environments and spaces.

The theme is at the heart of the Humanlands campaign: regeneration to give new visibility to Rome’s natural and cultural heritage; inclusion to emphasise the impact created by the cultural diversity living in the Roman area; and innovation to remind us that the capital’s glorious past has forged our future.

The overall value of the economic impact generated by the Roma Expo 2030 for Italy is estimated at 50.6 billion Euro, with 18.2 billion Euro of indirect economic effect in the short term and 10 billion Euro of direct economic effect, between public and private investments and those of the participants. Roma Expo 2030 will create 11 thousand new companies and 300 thousand new jobs. 

The expected attendance figures if the city is awarded are around 30 million. Rome has been waiting for this appointment in history since 1942. In that year, in fact, it was supposed to host the Universal Exhibition that was later cancelled due to World War II.

On that occasion, the EUR district was built in Rome and today, almost eighty years later, Rome is once again bidding on a theme closely linked to its DNA: urban regeneration.

The Bureau International des Expositions will announce the name of the winning city on 28 November 2023 in Paris: it will be chosen through a secret vote cast by 171 countries.