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CEDAT85 is a large extended family

December 6, 2021

Teamwork is of strategic importance. Many organisations, from the smallest to the largest multinational, are investing their time and money in improving the efficiency of their teams.

At Cedat85 we are aware that our success is the result of the combined efforts of all the people working for the company.

We also know that we are more fortunate than others, because at Cedat85 we have a very special ‘human capital’; people who have worked alongside us from the very beginning. People who have shared their journey which began in a small office in San Vito dei Normanni in 1985, who moved to Rome with the first jobs for the Chamber of Deputies, and who ended with our great success in winning the tender for the European Parliament, with enormous satisfaction. 

All of us, even those who have joined more recently, share the spirit that animates this company and we live it as if it were our own, because that is how we feel. 

Every day we invest in the values that represent us most: ethics, respect, union and excellence. The people who make up the Cedat85 universe are many, as are their experiences and their stories. 

We would like to tell you some of them!