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April 11, 2022
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CEDAT85 will be at ISE 2022, the most important international exhibition for systems integration and audio-visual technologies, which will be in Barcelona from the 10th to 13th of May.

At its stand ‘3B800 Cedat85 will present CABOLO®, the innovative solution that, without any internet connection requirement can automatically record, transcribe, and translate in real-time of any meeting and interview content in the utmost confidentiality, keeping the conversations encrypted (the files produced are encrypted with AES 256 encryption algorithm) and stored securely.

During the event, CABOLO® will be the protagonist of the scene, through a series of events dedicated to showing the peculiarities of this unique device. Exclusively for the ISE there will also be the world-wide launch of the CABOLO® Conference System and the multilingual support function.

Designed and patented by Cedat85, at the end of any meeting or interview CABOLO® produces the minutes of meetings in Word, PDF, SRT, XML and HTML5 formats, i.e., an HTML format file which, in addition to the minute text contains the Point & Click synchronisation function between audio and text. By selecting each single word of the text, it is possible to listen to the original reference audio.

CABOLO® is also a stand-alone solution that does not require any internet connection, keeping the contents of the transcription confidential and in maximum security.