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Dalma Magli: an important pillar of Cedat85

January 24, 2022

Today we meet Dalma Magli, Operations Director, in Cedat85 for thirty three years. She started working in the historic headquarters of the company, in San Vito dei Normanni, transcribing the audio of the sessions of the county councils and throughout her career she has never lost her enthusiasm. “At the beginning we were only three employees and we used a keyboard. However, since its inception, the company has been launched into the future and soon we started using voice recognition. I immediately fell in love with this job and embraced the attitude of always reaching high-level goals, pursuing an ambitious vision”. She proudly tells of the rise of Cedat85, from the first office in which there were only three employees to date: “We come from a very small company in a small town and we have managed to do enormous things. It still seems so strange if I think that in 1985 in San Vito dei Normanni, less than twenty thousand inhabitants in the South of Italy, we began to dream big. We have grown because we have invested in training and technology, otherwise we would have remained a shorthand reporting company like many others”. Dalma is divided between Apulia and Rome: she has two houses and two offices and she doesn’t mind this double track at all, on the contrary, she loves being always on the move. “In San Vito I am working on the re-organisation of the Real Time Reporting (RTR) working group, part of the Cedat85 family” says Dalma. “RTR deals with shorthand reports for regional and city councils. My goal is to make my colleagues’ work more efficient. Optimising time makes life easier: it’s good for the company but also for the employee! In fact, working in an organised flow reduces stress and makes everyone a little happier”. In Rome, on the other hand, she coordinates and manages a group of teams in charge of operational assistance in support of the services offered to the Chamber of Deputies, but she is about to take on a new task: “We will soon begin training for the Ministry of the Interior. The Ministry will use an information system implemented by us that will document the hearings of the Commissions for asylum seekers. I will take care of organising the working groups that will train the staff of all the offices of the Ministry”. Dalma feels like she belongs to a big family: “I am an extremely determined person and I always try to find the solution that allows us to reach the goal, but I know that a team always wins and I work with a spectacular team. I feel part of the company, I’ve always been here, I know all the stages it went through. It is as if it were also a bit mine and for this reason I never tire of planning and committing myself. I am curious to see what the next milestone will be. I am happy now as I was at the start of this project, and I am even happier when I arrive in San Vito and escape to the sea. I love traveling and broadening my knowledge but it is in front of the sea of ​​our Apulia that I find peace and nourishment”.