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The Challenge

Italian Chamber of Deputies

Before the use of Cedat85 technologies, the audio of parliamentary sessions was normally recorded live and dictated in 5-minute clips by an operator to a computer that could only recognise his or her voice (voice dependent technology) to get as close as possible to real-time proceedings. 

The same computer then transcribed the speech through a time and resource intensive process. Eventually, a more agile, innovative and evolved solution became necessary to support the digital democracy model.

Cedat85's Solution

The solution implemented by Cedat85 bypassed the dictation stage to transcribe directly from the voice of the individual speaker (voice independent technology).

Cedat85’s solution made it possible to index the session audio-video immediately and word for word, with the possibility to quickly find any relevant segment in the audio-visual archive through a simple full-text search.

The provision of the automatic speech transcription system complements the support services for reporting of plenary meetings, enquiry and bicameral committees already offered by Cedat85 to the Italian Chamber of Deputies.

Currently the system in use at the Italian Chamber of Deputies is among the most innovative solutions in the world.

Image showing an ongoing parliamentary debate