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The Challenge


Public-i is a market leader in web streaming technologies since 2000 in the UK and offers “one-stop shop” services to local authorities and companies. In particular, Public-i provides live streaming services for over 100 municipalities including the cities of Edinburgh, Brighton, and Bristol.

The company needed to improve its offering and Cedat85’s technology helped to meet the needs of its customers, in particular by improving the level of transparency and accessibility of the services offered.

Cedat85's Solution

Specifically, the Cedat85 API is used to exchange audio and transcripts in batch (pre-recorded) and/or real-time.

Transcripts generated by +Voce are then fed to the Public-i platform to be displayed as subtitles or transcripts for more than 100 Public-i clients.

For some of them Cedat85 also provides Sincro.doc, an editing tool integrated into MSWord to proof-read and correct transcripts, as well as verbatim transcription services for clients with specific needs.

Cedat85 and Public-i have been working together since 2017 providing this joint solution in the UK.

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