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The Challenge

The Ministry of the Interior

The “S.I.N.D.A.C.A.” project (Informative Documentation System for the Asylum Commissions’ Hearings) was created with the aim of improving the quality and speed of the decision-making process in the asylum matter. This process is entrusted to the National Asylum Commission and the competent Territorial Commissions through the use of a specialised computer system which, by means of video-recording and automatic speech recognition equipment, produces an automatic, accurate and faithful transcription of the individual assessment and saves it in multimedia files. 

The basic hardware and software equipment provided through this initiative and necessary for the functioning of the Italian reception and integration management system is installed at the DLCI/Ministry of the Interior in the centre of Rome.

Cedat85's Solution

The solution provided by Cedat85 includes the recording and streaming of interviews with asylum seekers.

The system enables full automatic transcription which, combined and synchronised with the audio and video content, represents a verbalisation and evidence in case of any dispute.

The automatic transcription takes into account all semantic aspects, not excluding the recognition of dialects, accents, foreign terminology, and spontaneous speech, with an accuracy level of no less than 95% and a very high security rate.

Image showing the building of the  Ministry of the Interior