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Stefano Mancini: a work between clouds and platforms.

February 28, 2022

Stefano moves among clouds of data. When we met him he told us about his work: “I take care of the platforms that are installed, both at the customer end and on the Cloud. I am responsible for most of the products on the web side. I have been working in Cedat85 since 2015 but I have always dealt with these procedures. It is a job that I really like and continues to interest me because there is always something new to create. He also works on other projects: “I have always worked as a consultant but with Cedat85 I have a special relationship, I really like the people who work there, they are truly unique colleagues. It is also very stimulating. The company is in great expansion and lately the news has been many and highly important. Being compared to international competitors much bigger than us means that we are working well and this fills me with pride”.