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Valeria Ladisa: a perfectionist inside the company.

March 29, 2022

Valeria deals with reporting and has been working in Cedat85 for fourteen years. “I immediately found myself at ease here,” she says. “The atmosphere is familiar and it was immediately as if we had always known each other. I found a concentration of very good people, they are all available, nice, and always ready to help you. I really respect everyone here. In my opinion, this atmosphere is very rare; we are very united but there is also great seriousness. In my opinion this is often lacking in other companies”.

She tells us what her job is: “I take care of reporting, this means that we deliver to customers, especially regional and city councils, the reporting of everything that happens in the council meetings. I like it because it is practically impossible to get bored: I listen to competent people who discuss topics that are always changing. It is also a way to stay up to date and discover new things”.

She lights up when she talks about the company organisation: “We are very organised! The work process is defined in every detail, we are perfectly intertwined with each other and I really think this is a strong point of the company. We are like well-tested and well-coordinated cogs. Because in reality whoever coordinates us knows how to do it very well. I am a person with a very high sense of responsibility and also with a great need for planning and order, this is why I am happy to work in a functional environment”.