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Vita Saracino: a quarter of a century at Cedat 85

February 16, 2022

Vita has celebrated her silver anniversary with the company: “Twenty five years is a long time but I am very satisfied with my work. I am not bored, on the contrary I continue to grow, as Cedat85 grows. We evolve, new projects are always coming in, we explore horizons that when I started working here we didn’t even think could ever be probed. For this reason I am happy”.

Vita is in charge of Administration. It is her who maintains contact with the banks, manages payments, debt collections, and invoices. She is responsible for the request for funding: “I am the person who allows the company to invest in research and development because I bring oxygen to the company. I ask for loans from banks and manage relations with institutions. I feel I have actively participated in the growth of Cedat85”.

Cedat85 is made up of people who have dedicated time, passion and skills to the company, and Vita is one of the figures who for the longest time has made Cedat85 dream possible.