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Antonio Argentieri: when people make a difference.

January 28, 2022

Antonio is a very young computer scientist, working in Cedat85 since 2018. We chatted and he told us how and when he started working here: “I’m from San Vito and Cedat85 is a well-known company in the town. Immediately after my bachelor’s degree, I decided to send my application. I was selected after several interviews and I started with a first internship period. Later I continued as an apprentice. I’ve been working here for almost three years ”.

He is enthusiastic about his work and happy with the training he received in the company, in fact he declares: “Having studied computer science I knew what kind of work I would do. But what makes the difference are the people and I was extremely lucky. In Cedat85, as an important and established company, I had the time to grow professionally. They trained me for the specific needs of the company but they understood the timing that a recent graduate may need when starting his working life. They had patience, following my path of growth and refinement of my skills “.

Antonio’s job is extremely specialised. Through his words we can understand Cedat85 applications a bit better, of which he briefly describes some projects; “I deal with software development and in particular I have dedicated myself to the design and programming of specific softwares. Bulè, for example, is a software that allows you to manage the council and parliamentary sessions with their phases of debate, appeals, and voting. Sincro.doc instead is a software that receives multimedia content, which can be audio or audio and video, and automatically transcribes the spoken content into a textual content which is then processed in MS Word. I also collaborated on the design of SINDACA which is very similar to Sincro.doc but has been customised for the needs of the Ministry of the Interior “.

Information technology by definition evolves and changes with great speed. This means that boredom is not contemplated: “The world of programming is varied and perennially leaning towards the future. It is like participating in a continuous challenge, we are constantly questioning ourselves and as soon as we arrive at a result we work to perfect it. I really like this aspect of my job, it stimulates me a lot ”.

The work environment also seems to play an important role in design skills: “We are a team and not just nominally: we are a group of people who work together for a goal. There is a lot of integration between us. We are close-knit and we work very well together ”.

Antonio is about to finish his Master’s Degree exams and is very curious to further expand his areas of expertise. Good luck, Antonio!