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Antonio Ligorio: here i found my place.

March 25, 2022

Today we chatted with Antonio, in Cedat85 since 2007. “I’m from San Vito dei Normanni but I started working in Cedat85 when I lived in Rome. After graduating in Foreign Languages ​​I got married and followed my wife to the capital city. I started looking for work to gain experience in various fields. I am versatile and I put myself to the test, until I realised that finding my way was an urgency”.

One day Antonio picked up the phone and dialed the Cedat85 number. He spoke with Gianfranco, the Founder, told him what his experiences, attitudes, and desires were and asked him if there were job opportunities for him: “In that period Cedat85 had won the contract for the Chamber of Deputies and there was a lot of work to do. Gianfranco was very helpful and kind. We made an appointment, he interviewed me and then they called me back. On March 15, 2007 I started working at Cedat85. At the time we were a small company but the contract with the Chamber would have opened new perspectives and opportunities for the company”.

He tells us about his first job in the company: “When I started working I was in charge of the software we had designed for the Chamber. It was very different from the speech recognition software we use now, but it was very advanced for those times. I was in charge of technical assistance and training for the documentary makers of the Chamber”.

Five years ago Antonio moved to San Vito dei Normanni and works in the Apulian branch of Cedat85: “I returned to San Vito with my family and I travel to Rome when necessary. We now have two daughters and I dedicate most of my free time to them. I still like working also because it never tires me, projects change and technology evolves, so getting bored is really difficult”.