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Antonio Quarta: it all began by chance.

December 14, 2021

The story that Antonio tells us is emblematic and tells of how sometimes chance can make our lives take different directions. When we met him he told us about his graduation day: “It was February 2006 and I was celebrating at my house. At one point, in the middle of the celebrations, Danilo – a friend of my brother – showed up at my house. Danilo worked for Cedat85 and I, between one toast and the next, asked him to send my CV to his manager. It all started for fun and I didn’t expect it would end like this! Danilo suggested that I go to San Vito dei Normanni with him and there he introduced me to Gianfranco Mazzoccoli, Founder of the company. I was very lucky because at that time Cedat85 was booming. A week after graduation, I found myself starting my work life with them. The twist came when Danilo decided that he wanted to change his life and I had to replace him. My wife, jokingly, told me: “now you have to keep the shack!”. That year we were making an investment in a platform that would later become the ‘magnetofono’, the ancestor of the recording and transcription platform we now use for city councils. Danilo and I had set up this project together but then I had to carry it out on my own. I was catapulted into the midst of great responsibilities and I learned to do everything thanks to the trust of the company”.

Antonio found himself having to carry on and follow an important project despite having been hired recently. The company decided to bet on him by immediately giving him a position of responsibility. But what are you doing today? “I’m the Cedat85 Service Manager. This means that there is a department that sets up systems and services and I am responsible for their operation. My main activity is that of the System Integrator, I therefore take care of the design and construction of the conference systems and also of the assembly of the microphone and video amplification systems”.

His work requires him to travel frequently: “We are bringing registration systems to all city councils. I travel around Italy to equip councils with transcription, audio and video recording systems and sometimes I also work on Saturdays”.

When we ask him how he is working in Cedat85 he explains: “Ours is a company that is becoming very large and we begin to no longer know each other personally. This is something that on the one hand makes me happy and proud, while on the other it scares me a little. I would like to ensure that the environment remains familiar, also because I am sure that in a friendly environment you work better”.