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Azzurra Variale: looking at new horizons

December 9, 2021

“In Cedat85 there isn’t a person who prevails over others”, says Azzurra when we met her. “We always work as a team and in collaboration with all our colleagues”. Azzurra joined Cedat85 in 2007 and takes care of the editorial part of the production: “I correct and shape the texts we transcribe with our systems. Basically I coordinate the team working on a project and organise the various files that are produced by colleagues so that they are homogeneous with each other. The final result must be an organic text”.

The teams are transversal to several customers and this allows Azzurra not to get bored: “I rework with extremely different pieces of content. Each project has its voices, themes, and reference body. I really like to change and discover new things in every project “.

A lot has changed since she joined the company: “In 2007 the work was very different. We received an audio file and had to dictate and correct what we were transcribing. In practice, we trained the machine to recognise everyone’s voice and reproduced what the speaker said. Now, however, there is a software that has replaced this phase and we already receive a transcript from the audio. Obviously the software is not 100% accurate, so we intervene to deliver a clean and coherent text to the client. People remain essential to ensure accuracy”.

“I am happy to work in a company that invests heavily in innovation. The latest victories proved that Cedat85 knows how to look to the future from the right angle ”says Azzurra. “Let’s say that our executives always know how to open new doors, offering us horizons to be explored. Getting bored is truly impossible. Nothing is ever taken for granted, we are always open to everything and we do not let ourselves be intimidated by new challenges”.

When we ask her what the secret, in her opinion, is of this energy that is breathed both in the management and in the work teams, Azzurra says: “The management of Cedat85 is very present, and not only on a professional level. It happens very often to be together and create situations that go beyond work. There is not only the productive aspect but also the playful one. Yes, we work hard and we get a lot of results, but we love to eat and celebrate together too! We are a compact group and in my opinion this charges us and makes us more satisfied and happy”.