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Barbara Buoso: when algorithms fill our hearts.

December 7, 2021

Today we interview Barbara Buoso, Sales Manager in Cedat85 since 2009. Her task? To shape ideas.

Barbara is the one who makes the company’s visionary projects a reality: “I deal with and have been involved for a long time with the operational management of orders, or rather with the implementation of the projects we acquire. From intuition to the design of projects to the creation of the corporate procedures that build them. I like to transform solutions designed for our customers into reality “. She tells of the transformative power of her work and how a new job in the company has illuminated some nuances of her character that she did not know she had; “Since I was entrusted with the task of promoting Cabolo, a world has opened up to me. I found myself different from how I thought I was and, as the operations manager who had to plan a work already designed by others, I started to imagine and propose creative solutions to companies, partners and ever new realities. This thrilled me and opened my eyes to myself as well. If before I thought of myself as a very introverted, shy and reserved person, now I know that meeting new people, listening to them, getting to know them and dealing with them is one of the favourite aspects of my job”. She gets excited when she talks about the application of technology to teaching: “One of the customers who have remained in my heart is Bocconi University. The University has adopted Cabolo to facilitate the study of students with special needs who will thus be able to follow lessons like others, while enjoying the beauty of direct learning. Our solutions are wonderful but when they help get ‘the word’ and education to reach everyone, they are even more so! Maybe I’m a bit romantic, but the idea that an algorithm can help someone who has special needs in their learning process (for example, they are dyslexic or hearing impaired) is something that fills my heart”.

Barbara is also a writer: she has already published two novels but she has no intention of stopping. The next project is a book about technology, understood as a ‘viaticum’, a bridge capable of mending fractures. There are applications of technology that are able to repair even things that seem completely broken, as in the case of Cabolo used by students with hearing difficulties ”.

Management and literature might seem very different worlds, but basically the company builds a vision, a story and a narrative that must be convincing: in other words, it builds a literature. Only when all parts of a company participate in the company’s history do “wonderful results come”, explains Barbara. What makes her happiest about her working life? Being part of a team with which you share not only a corporate mission but also a path of growth, first of all human.