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CABOLO: a new adv campaign on the TV channel La7 and the newspaper corriere.it

April 26, 2021
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Starting from today, we have decided to make a bigger audience aware about CABOLO, the smartest, fastest, safest and most intelligent way to record and transcribe any meeting, through a dedicated advertising campaign on the Italian TV channel LA7 and the dailynews Corriere.it. Cabolo is a unique solution with the aim of drafting the meetings minutes. It’s a very user-friendly technical product and embodies the AI true essence. Cabolo is able to solve very practical problems and dialy tasks ensuring privacy and security. Cabolo automatically records, transcribes and synchronizes texts and audio, allowing to easily find every reports already indexed and catalogued. Being completely off-grid and able to work without an Internet connection, Cabolo helps saving time, significantly improves contents usability and ensures the appropriate level of security that is required for business-critical contents.