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Francesco Manelli: you can breathe the air of home

January 26, 2022

“When I started working with Cedat85”, Francesco says when we met him, “it was 2007. I was a computer technician at the Chamber of Deputies for transcription services. In the Chamber we had fixed positions and offered assistance service. I was always travelling between San Vito dei Normanni and Rome ”.

The life of the commuter, after a while, became unbearable: “I was very tired of going up and down between the capital city and Apulia. I could not do it anymore. So I left Cedat85 and went to London. I lived there for two and a half years, it was a wonderful experience that allowed me to learn English very well “.

The company understood Francesco’s need to disconnect and, when he returned to Apulia, he was hired again: “I was lucky enough to have an experience abroad but when I returned I went back to being part of this great group. Here you can breathe the air of home. We are all very close and we help each other out. There is no competition. I feel really lucky and I believe that the credit goes to those who manage the company. I think it is the management that creates a positive work environment and cascades it into every level”.

In Cedat85 Francesco is part of a team of three people who deal with technical assistance: “We have many customers in city councils, regions and organisations who buy our products. We provide them with technical assistance. If they have problems, both at a hardware and software level, we are the team that solves the problems, even remotely”.