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Giampaolo Petrosemolo: a geek constantly looking for new solutions.

February 7, 2022

“I do exactly the job I wanted to do and that I like best in the world” Giampaolo says during our chat. His enthusiasm and the passion he puts into his work is contagious. In Cedat85 for three years, Giampaolo is an enthusiastic programmer: “I work in software development and I love doing what I do. My role requires me to be in continuous training: I cannot be stuck with my skills but I must constantly pursue the developments of technology, learn new languages ​​and create new systems to find innovative solutions. I am so in love with my job that as soon as I get home the first thing I do is turn on the computer again!”.

Currently he is mainly involved in the development of Cabolo, one of Cedat85 solutions: “I take care of the interface and the internal management software of the device. Cabolo is a stimulating project because it is constantly evolving. It changes a lot over time and there is always a lot to design, propose and then develop. The stimulating thing is that it is a portable device that contains the features of larger servers: not only does it allow transcription but in its new version it is able to translate speech even off-line, that is, disconnected from the internet”. Giampaolo’s curiosity never stops and he continues to tell about development projects open in the company: “With the team I work with, we are developing software that allows the device to translate from speech in real time. For example, I speak in Italian and Cabolo transcribes in real time into another language. At the moment the translations take place in post-production but we would like to develop a simultaneous translation. This is just one of the developments we have planned”. Talking about the successes achieved by Cabolo, Giampaolo is filled with pride: “I am fond of this project. I dedicate almost all of my time to it and now I feel like it is a bit mine. The achieved results gratify me and I am happy to be able to continue working to implement its functions ”. We can’t wait to find out how far Giampaolo and the team of programmers will take us!