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Inflation is the main topic every 25 minutes on Italian Radio and TV

April 29, 2022
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Mediamonitor’s analysis of radio and TV stations reveals that, in the last month, among the Allnews networks, the topic was mainly addressed by Tg Com24, while on the generalist networks the lead goes to Rai3.

Between March 21st and April 20th, the word “inflation” received 1,798 citations on the main Italian television broadcasters (the generalist channels Rai1, Rai2, Rai3, Rete4, Canale5, Italia1, La7 and the Allnews networks RaiNews24, SkyTg24 and TgCom24), where it was pronounced 60 times a day (2 and a half times an hour).

This was revealed by the monitoring carried out by Mediamonitor, a platform that uses technology and solutions developed by CEDAT85.

AllNews channels, with 1,055 citations out of a total of 1,798, are the main source; it was above all TGCom24 (410) who spoke of inflation, followed by SkyTg24 (333) and RaiNews24 (312); among the generalist networks, the lead goes to Rai3 (163), followed essentially on an equal footing by La7 (133), Rai1 (132) and Canale5 (131); more distant, however, are Rete4 (85 mentions), Rai2 (79), and Italia1 (20).

The Mediamonitor survey also highlights that the days in which inflation was most talked about were March 31st and April 1st (respectively 115 and 177 citations), i.e., when ISTAT released the provisional data on prices at consumption, and on April 19th (122), the day on which the International Monetary Fund cut its growth estimates for Italy for 2022.