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Laura Regnoli: born to sell!

March 23, 2022

Laura has been working in the Padua office for twelve years. She manages the commercial division of Northern Italy. She tells this way: “I take care of maintaining relationships with customers from the first contact to the drafting of the contract, up to the fine-tuning of the systems. I practically follow the customers from the sale to their absolute satisfaction in our services”.

The human factor is very important in her work. In fact, she tells us: “We have two ways to get in touch with potential new customers: on one hand, there is an internal call centre that contacts companies that may be interested in our services; on the other hand, however, there is a job that I do, which feeds on the personal relationship I have with institutions, companies, and organisations. For example, if I meet a company and offer them our services, it may happen that I am told that they already have an existing contract with another company and that contract expires, let’s take an example in 2022. What I do is to write in the diary that in January 2022 I have to contact them again. I have kept a memorised note for years! Then I must say that word of mouth works a lot in this job. Working well is the best guarantee, you will have satisfied customers who will recommend your service to others. Then there are now customers who are almost friends, people with whom I have been collaborating for years and with whom a relationship of deep esteem was born”.

For Laura, contact with people and relationships are the key to her work: “Companies are made up of people. You can only sell a service if you understand who you are selling it to, what their needs are, and how we can really help them to solve their problems. The way I’m built, I could never be an employee. I need to connect with people. This also applies when the service has been sold but you realise that the customer needs help to make the most out of it. I happened to have to interface even with people who didn’t even know how to move the mouse! So you patiently train them. My favorite clients? They are the geeks, those who know how to use computers well, to whom you don’t have to explain much but have the enthusiasm and the desire to learn!”.