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Mary Miccoli: the smile that gives a meaning to algorithms.

February 4, 2022

Today we meet Mary Miccoli, who arrived in Cedat85 almost twenty five years ago after studying classical literature, teaching Greek and Latin in high schools and having worked in the splendid Casanatense Library in Rome. Mary is shy, precise and a perfectionist. The care and attention with which she carries out her work make her perfect for her role, in fact she takes care of the revision of the texts: “I have always been involved in revision, since I joined the company. I coordinate the texts of the reviewers because everyone gives their work a different imprint but we have to deliver a homogeneous and uniform text to the client. My job is to check the quality of the texts before they are delivered. In my work, specific competence in the field of the Italian language is fundamental because we need to produce texts without errors, typos or grammatical inaccuracies while always maintaining fidelity to the audio”. The revision of texts is a delicate process that requires a great deal of attention: “The texts” explains Mary “are all different. In speech we each express ourselves in our own way and the corrections we reviewers make must be surgical. We must limit ourselves to correcting the minimum necessary because the correction must be invisible. The footprint of the speaker must be visible, but we reviewers work behind the scenes. If our work is not visible, it means that we have done well”. Over the years, her work has changed a lot and the internet has played a fundamental role. Mary says: “It is very important to be informed in order to be able to follow a topic well. We need to do targeted research on the issues on which we work in such a way as to always be sure not to intervene improperly. Once, before the advent of the internet, I remember hours spent looking for the countries of Siberia on the atlas! Now we do quick and precise searches online”.

She tells us about the importance of being part of a close-knit team when you work in this field: “Ours is a work of precision and speed. It is us, our team, who give meaning to the work of machines and algorithms. The thing I like most is the group of people behind the texts. I come to work every day with a smile because I know I’m part of a team that works. I know that I am lucky and that not everyone can say such a thing but I am really proud of what Cedat85 has done over the years. We were in a very small office in Southern Italy and now look where we are… But I am convinced that we can still do a lot more and I have a dream: to land overseas”. Who knows if Mary’s dream will come true! Meanwhile, we wish her to keep on going to the office with a smile on her face.