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Nicola Marino: the electronic engineer who guards the heart of Cedat85.

February 22, 2022

Nicola joined Cedat85 in 2015. “I joined this company when I was on the verge of becoming 30 years old. I came from an important professional experience in a bank. I needed to get involved again. I felt a strong desire to understand exactly what my potential was and I wanted to find a way that would allow me to improve and further grow in my skills and responsibilities. I wanted to join a slightly smaller company with a broad vision, that wasn’t just focused on selling the usual products. I was looking for an ambitious company with a desire to grow by offering innovative products: this is why I also chose Cedat85”.

Joining the company with great enthusiasm and desire to do more and better, Nicola talks about his duties: “I take care of the management of information systems, of everything in the background, of the systems that are useful in order to provide customer service, which can be a citizen, a city council, a bank… I manage the beating heart of Cedat85: the data centre. Together with other colleagues we are shaping our group of infrastructures and systems in order to always be ready for any request from the business, internal or external. I’m personally responsible for some customers, I mediate between them and the R&D team. The aspect I love most about my job is what I can do behind the scenes, in particular everything I can design to facilitate my work and the user experience of the end user of the service”.

Nicola is not looking for quick and, often, ephemeral results. He states: “I always look for results that have an immediate impact but a wider and more extended resonance over time. I want all my actions to help strengthen the roots of a larger project. I am not satisfied with solving an impromptu problem but I work so that every action we take is a brick that assures us even more solid foundations. Only in this way can we continue to grow and compete with big international companies. We work every day to overcome challenges and to offer a 100% high quality service”.

In the office he has established close relationships with colleagues and tells us how difficult it was during the pandemic: “I am a very sociable person and working in lockdown and video conferencing all day weighed heavily on me. In Cedat85 we are a close-knit group; colleagues but also friends. It’s not all sunshine and roses, of course. But even when we have differences or different opinions on something, we discuss it very openly and always find a shared solution. I feel good here!”