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The Challenge


Allianz Global Assistance and Allianz Bank sought through their Employee Digital Workplace team to equip themselves with a device that would facilitate a hearing-impaired employee at their work through subtitling corporate and strategic meetings for a greater well-being within the organisation and active participation in company functions.

The General Manager of Allianz, on the other hand, Mr Giacomo Campora, was looking for a system that would facilitate the automatic translation of international meetings in real-time and, in post-production, the automatic minutes of meetings.

Finally, Allianz Bank, needed a tool to support their high-level corporate activities. Taking all requirements together, Allianz adopted various solutions from the CABOLO suite, specific to their individual needs.

Cedat85's Solution

The solution proposed for subtitling and breaking down barriers for the hearing-impaired employee was CABOLO Subtitle, a tool capable of immediately creating speech in text format (captions).

The solution proposed for the General Manager was instead the CABOLO One with LID function, language modules, online and offline translation and Sincro.doc. The solution proposed for the board of Allianz Bank was CABOLO One with assembly functions: digital roll call, macro insertion, audio slowdown, and indexing.


  • Accessibility and full inclusion of the hearing impaired employee;
  • Implementation of corporate welfare as a common asset;
  • Transparency and increased effectiveness of company book keeping processes; and
  • Pioneering approach of the General Manager to intercept new opportunities through artificial intelligence.