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The Challenge

Bocconi University

The Bocconi University wanted to equip itself with a tool for subtitling events and guarantee full inclusion and accessibility for its students. Following the first device set up with only Italian language, which proved to be successful, the need for a second one with English language model and language identification was highlighted.

It was natural -and necessary- to bring CABOLO into the multimedia classrooms to provide subtitling and to start a programme of alignment with the European standards.

Cedat85's Solution

The solution implemented to meet the challenges of the Bocconi University is CABOLO Subtitle: the all-in-one system that allows immediate subtitling, even in multilingual languages.

CABOLO Subtitle is characterised by the immediacy of its integration with pre-existing classroom systems thanks to an architecture designed to favour mass and easy use; to simplify integration, APIs have been made available to respond to the ever-increasing need for adaptation, development and deployment of innovative services.

CABOLO Subtitle provides, without any decoder, a ready-to-use video stream.


  • Ensuring full inclusion and accessibility
  • Increasing active participation in learning activities
  • Promoting content sharing
  • Enhancing the intellectual heritage of study courses