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The Challenge


Following a constantly growing global trend, the demand for digital assistance by various service providers has also increased in Italy.

In particular, the demand for automated voice assistance for customers has grown with the aim of not only reducing the workload, but also optimising and streamlining the assistance process itself.

Cedat85's Solution

To meet this market demand, Cedat85 offered a new solution that was built with Avaya, Cisco and Genesis integrations to enable a human-to-machine customer assessment process. Cedat85 used its natural language speech processing solution and incorporated CereProc’s text-to-speech (TTS) solution.

CereProc is a UK leader in TTS services. This new technology offering is now being used by several customers in Europe. The parties have also developed an Italian male voice (Dario) for CereProc’s solution.

Users can now request virtual assistant support. Through the use of advanced speech recognition technologies (Speech-to-Text), natural language analysis (Natural Language Understanding), artificial intelligence (semantic analysis) and speech synthesis (Text-to-Speech), the virtual assistant dialogues with the customer to find answers and facilitate their requests.

The system automatically answers the generic questions and if it cannot find an answer it forwards the request to an operator.

Image showing the face of a young man impersonating the digital assistant called Dario.