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The Challenge

Italian State Mint and Polygraphic Institute

The Italian State Mint needed a tool that was highly confidential, extremely precise in identifying the technical terminology of the sector, punctual in issuing reports, reliable in assigning speeches, and flawless in reviewing the draft for the summary report.

The tool was intended to support the drafting of meetings of global importance such as the MDWG Plenary Meeting (Mint Directors Working Group) and allow the institution to share the contents of all the intervening members in the utmost confidentiality and accuracy.

Cedat85's Solution

There was immediate understanding with the institute and, thanks to the clarity of the requests expressed by Ms Moltoni, we were able to identify CABOLO One and the Sincro.doc plugin as the best-fit solution for the Institution.

CABOLO One operates independently from Internet connection, preventing any possible interference, allows labelling for direct identification of the speaker, releases an automatic draft that, processed with Sincro.doc, is easy to replay and revise, by clicking on a term and immediately finding it again from text to speech. It also understands specialised terms and progressively learns new ones, transferring them from context.


  • Promoting greater transparency of the proceedings
  • Enhance the reputation of the Institution and its members
  • Enhance the content of meetings and share it in real-time
  • Having the certainty of always obtaining the original proceedings of meetings