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The Challenge


Lexacom (UK) has been in the digital dictation business for nearly 20 years and with 4000 customers and tens of thousands of users, it is one of the leading software companies in this field in the UK. 

In order to offer a better solution to its customers, especially in the healthcare sector, Lexacom partnered with Cedat85 to carry out a special project in order to develop the most advanced and customisable British English Healthcare language model.

Cedat85's Solution

Cedat85 collected hundreds of hours of linguistic material and built a model for the specific healthcare sector in which Lexacom operates in.

Leveraging Lexacom’s experience, Cedat85 has incorporated dictionaries, technical terminology, acronyms, synonyms and related editing styles.

This model is continually evolving with input from Lexacom and its customers and has reached such a level of accuracy that it could be called the most advanced language model for the healthcare sector in British English.

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