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The Challenge


Thanks to co-financing from the European Social Fund, the Sant’Alessio Regional Centre has organised a training course for “Administrative secretarial operators specialised in transcriptions”. The ‘Profession-Abili’ project aims to train visually impaired people in the field of transcription of audio signals and speeches.

The aim, together with Cedat85, is to improve the trainees’ technical-operational, linguistic, and transcribing skills.

Cedat85's Solution

Cedat85 offers trainees its 35 years’ experience in the processing of speech content in various areas.

Through the active and participatory collaboration of the trainees, it is possible to integrate the use of the braille bar, supplied to the students, with the pedalboard – a professional tool for audio control – as well as some of the screen readers dedicated to the visually impaired with Sincro.doc, Cedat’s software for editing and workflow management.

At the end of the placement period, the students improved their transcription and proofreading skills in the political and academic fields. They acquired speed, precision and accuracy, in one word: professionalism.

Image showing the building of the S. Alessio Center