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The Challenge


The requirement was to equip the Téleperformance call centres with necessary tools to monitor the quality of inbound phone support and increase customer satisfaction.

For Verbal / Vocal Order’s outbound services, there was also a need to automate the process of certifying contracts concluded by phone to support the validation team and to verify compliance with consumer protection regulations.

Cedat85's Solution

With BESMARTCALL, the range of call centre solutions for Speech Analytics, Trend Topic and Vocal Order Validation based on one of the most powerful and effective Automatic Speech Recognition technologies available on the market, Cedat85 has enabled its partners to offer turnkey solutions that are immediately implemented and deployed.

Thanks to the potential of these solutions all end users have been able, in a short time, to effectively analyse phone calls through features that allow them to determine call triggers, identify critical issues, and potential areas for improvement. With installations carried out at the data centre or at the client’s own service providers, maximum confidentiality of data processing was guaranteed in line with the policies already applied.

Cedat85 handled the integration of the data flow (audio recordings and metadata) with the various contact centre and call management platforms used by clients. (Genesys, Cisco, Avaya).

The speech processing team carried out “fine tuning” activities on the language models in order to incorporate specific and technical terminology for the application context, with the result of obtaining an average transcript accuracy of over 90% even in notoriously complex and problematic call contexts. Cedat85 took care of the various customisations at the web front-end level and supported partners and end users in the configuration and set-up of the system.

With more than 10 million phone conversations analysed to the date, solutions developed and integrated with the customer’s own systems operate on two production lines:

1. Vocal Order Validation: The automatic Vocal Order Validation system has the task of verifying and classifying Vocal Orders with adherence indices to the reference scripts of the specific sale and to the contents of the contract such as the customer’s personal details, parameters and costs of the sale or other specific data. All recordings with certain adherence indices (below a set threshold) are flagged for “manual” listening by dedicated staff.
Benefits of the solution:

  • Automated verification of the contractual validity of the Vocal Order
  • Significant cost savings compared to manual verification (over 40%)
  • Greatly reduced need for manual verification of the quality of recordings and service provided

2. Trend Topic & Speech Analytics: Analysts in the client operations division were provided a web-based platform with tools for analysing and categorising phone transcripts to determine the most trending topics and with dash-boards capable of monitoring the client’s trends and interests in real-time in a timely manner. The Trend Topic platform is able to highlight immediate interests in order to better target business needs and/or uncover unknown issues so that the right countermeasures can be taken.

Benefits of the solution: By adopting Cedat85’s BESMARTCALL solutions, clients were able to activate virtuous processes useful to review certain processes, improve communication related to a product, offer an additional service with obvious benefits in terms of:

  • Improved customer retention
  • Improved customer satisfaction thanks to improved indices such as First Call Resolution, Average Handling Time, Abandoned Call Percentage etc.
  • Improved NPS (Net Promoter Score)
  • Identification of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities with consequent impact on turnover
  • Reduction in abandonment rates (Churn Rate or Customer Attrition)

Finally, in terms of ‘return on investment’ the results were soon evident. Just by identifying the reasons for contact that could be resolved in self-service, customers were able to implement virtuous processes of reorganisation and efficiency. The possibility of analysing conversations in much greater depth also made it possible to “discover” useful information that turned into a real competitive advantage.