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The Challenge

Tyrolean Parliament

The Tyrolean Regional Parliament is directly elected by the citizens of Tyrol. The 36-member assembly meets periodically 7 times a year and is responsible for regional affairs, autonomous budget management as well as the performance of control functions with regards to the regional government and administration. Sessions of the Parliament are open to the public and broadcast via live streaming.

With the aim of making the content of the meetings fully inclusive, transparent and usable, the Parliament was looking for a solution capable of subtitling the video sessions in real-time, through a simple and immediately usable installation. The solution was also to allow the processing of existing recordings for the drafting of minutes.

Cedat85's Solution

After an analysis of the requirement and on-site demonstration, CABOLO Subtitle was the best solution to meet the objectives of the Tyrolean Parliament. It was immediately connected to the audio systems of the Parliament providing live subtitling for the video-streaming and the transcription ready to be easily edited for the publication of the official reports.

While CABOLO’s support for language developments, a tailored tuning was made to adhere to the specific Austrian spoken language in the Tyrol Region, in order to provide the best accuracy experience.


  • Immediate subtitles at affordable costs
  • Inclusion, transparency, and availability of contents
  • Recovering the past recordings
  • Digitalisation of the reporting process
  • Time reduction and productivity improvement