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Salvatore D’Oria: between development and training.

March 9, 2022

Time is a subjective variable and Salvatore, when we met him, immediately told us: “I feel like I’ve been in Cedat85 for a lifetime, but in reality it’s only been five years! This is because I have fun, coming to work does not weigh on me, I feel good with my colleagues: I don’t even realise the passage of time. Before working here I was in other companies but every time I realised that I no longer enjoyed going to work, I changed and looked for something else. For me, work must be accompanied by passion: when you don’t have the same passion, you look elsewhere “.

Salvatore was hired as a developer, but then, following his inclinations and interests, he dedicated himself to training: “I take care of the manuals for our products and trainings both internal and external to the company, I also follow the testing processes of the products, especially Cabolo, but above all I am the link between the commercial team and the technical team. It is as if I were an interpreter; I allow those who buy our products to learn how to use them and manage them in the best possible way. I like it when customers no longer call me, it means that the training was effective”.

When he is not working, Salvatore investigates criminal minds: “The psyche fascinates me a lot. I watch many crime movies and TV series, psychological thrillers… it’s a way to reflect on the implications of the mind, on those obsessions that can take atrocious turns. But on weekends I go to the beach, I travel, I love to discover a new corner of Apulia that I didn’t know. It is fortunate to live in such a wonderful region and work in a company projected towards Europe and, who knows, maybe towards the world!”