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Simone Curcio: physics and the strong desire for an abroad experience.

January 31, 2022

Simone is a physicist and when we met him he told us about his training between Italy and Germany: “At the university I dealt with particles and high energy physics. I collaborated with CERN in Geneva and worked with the data that came from the accelerator. I received digital data (numbers, bits, energies, speeds), I had to process and analyse them. I had my doctorate degree in Freiburg, always collaborating with CERN in Geneva. In that period, I refined my programming skills because the analysis of the data I received needed to be processed through programming. After my PhD I understood that my path was not the one of physics. I left both physics and Germany: it was a big change”.

This is the moment when Simone entered Cedat85: “I returned to Rome, my city. I decided to work in Cedat85, before I programmed to process particle data and now I program to design, implement or maintain software in the field of transcription”.

We ask him what he likes most about his work and Simone replies enthusiastically: “Colleagues! When I left the physics department I was afraid that I would not get along well with any colleagues. At the University we were all the same age and for all physicists, in some way it was a close environment. Inside the company I knew that I would also meet people who were very different from me. Instead, I had a great adaptation right away, both with colleagues and with the management. I must say that I am really happy to share my daily life and professional challenges with them, they really are special people. If we talk strictly about work, on the other hand, I would say that I really like developing software and implementing its functions. When a customer needs the software to do something they still can’t do, I have to study, think and then propose a solution. It’s like starting from scratch every time and this is always an exciting challenge”.

Simone, as a good physicist, speaks of Cedat85 as an expanding galaxy: “I don’t know exactly where Cedat85 will be in a few years, what I can say is that I see it expanding. In the last three years I have noticed the desire for growth in all components of the company. We are all ready to learn new things and to measure ourselves with ever greater challenges. I would really like Cedat85 to continue to conquer international markets and to open up to all countries of the world, but I know we are doing it and this is the reason why I come to work happy”.