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Tamara Venuto: a bridge between the company and customers.

March 2, 2022

Tamara is one of the people in Cedat85 who play the role of connection between the company and the consumers. She says: “I am the interface of the company, the link between us and the customers. My fundamental task is to provide assistance to those who use our products. We promote our services and help them use them to the fullest. I must say that their operation is intuitive, so we generally manage to make ourselves understood without difficulty and generally our customers do not have great difficulty in getting used to it”.

She has been working in Cedat85 for seven years but she has not lost her enthusiasm: “I am a curious person and I certainly cannot be bored here. Products change and evolve, as a result we are continuously trained to be able to manage the Contact Centre and respond to the customer needs. It is difficult to get bored when you work in a dynamic company and are in contact with people. Even my colleagues are now friends, they are all young, we are kids, and the environment is very friendly and calm, almost familiar “.

When she is not working, Tamara turns off the phone: “I talk all day and all day I hear talking. As soon as I get out of work I turn off the phone and sometimes I just look for silence. It is my way of disconnecting and perhaps it is the reason why even after seven years I can wake up with a smile and go to the office ready to answer the phone calls”.