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Tommaso Coniglio: amongst tenders, procurement and restaurants.

March 4, 2022

The first thing to say about Tommaso is that he is nice, ironic, and able to play down. He takes care of a delicate aspect, he follows all the procedures for tenders and procurement. When we met him he said: “I have been in Cedat85 for eighteen years and I can say without a doubt what the company’s Achilles heel is: the canteen! I am a lover of good food, a ‘fine gourmet’ as they call me in the office and I love to eat in the best restaurants. Let’s say our canteen could improve!”.

Although he always has a smile on his face, his job requires great care: “I’m the head of the Cedat85 bidding office. I take care of preparation of documents up to the post-contractual process of stipulating and supporting clients. In addition to this, however, I also follow the commercial part and travel around Italy to meet potential new customers, especially in the public administration domain”.

In the company he feels at home, in fact he declares: “For me Cedat85 has been a family for eighteen years. It is my second home, my second family and not only for the amount of time I spend within the company but for the relationships that I have created with all the colleagues with whom I share this adventure with”.

He speaks with pride of the achievements: “The future of Cedat85 is already marked: we have embarked on a very important path that will inevitably lead to many other successes. After the European Parliament we will have to conquer other supranational entities and I am sure it will happen soon ”.

“The secret of this growth?”, we ask him and he replies: “On the one hand the secret lies in the harmony of our team, on the other in the technological innovation that we have been pursuing for years”.